Saturday, August 15, 2009


Whitby was next on the agenda and a much anticipated destination mainly due to the discovery of La Rosa Hotel and Caravan Park. On our journey, we passed through a number of little villages with funny names and stopped in Foxholes, our attention drawn to a jumble sale at the miniature village hall. Armed with some pretty china plates and a yellow jumper, we headed onwards. Our drive through Scarborough and across the Yorkshire Moors was incredible; barely another car on the road, the uninterrupted purple heather stretched for miles. We arrived in Whitby just as the sun was going down and daytrippers were collected on the West Cliff, admiring the golden glow of the low sun in the facing windows. On arrival at La Rosa we were greeted with music from the old grammar phone in The Tea Room and the super-friendly Mandy and Claudia who run the place. Advertised as 'Victorian Seaside Fun' on their playing-card style business card, we were instantly gutted that we were only spending one night in Whitby. The decor of the hotel plays homage to years and years of passionate sourcing and collecting and is an inspiration to the collector, the romantic and anyone wishing for a totally different Staycation. This discovery, follwed by dinner at Red Chard Grill Rooms was the perfect end to the day. For all of you out there looking for a surprise getaway, this is one that cannot fail to impress.



  1. I went to Whitby the other week. It's bloody awesome. Unfortunately the heather on the moors was only starting to bloom when I went, so I didn't get the full effect that you would have got.
    I'm enjoying following your trip

  2. little boots is from blackpool we are in blackpool now and in in your honour we will be posting your vid up xx