Thursday, August 13, 2009

En Route...

After a quick cuppa in The Deptford Project (which has the BEST sofa ever by the way), we headed straight down the A2 to start our adventure. It wasn't market day in Deptford unfortunately (the flea market is on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays) but still a perfect start to the day. Newcross is where all the cool, arty kids hang out these days. Fast up and coming, as soon as the East London extension is finished, we predict a mass exodus from East to South. Cool little shops such as Dance Macabre, run by stylist Celia Arias and friends and deli's such as the Deptford Deli, are dotted in amongst the traditional high street market, longstanding Well Beloved butchers, local barbers etc. Well worth a visit.

Next we hit Stanhill Farm which is so close to London that it makes us wonder why we would ever not pick our own?

Hope the raspberry stains come out in the wash... We didn't really take berry juice into consideration when dressing and both ended up in stonewash denim of all things...

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