Monday, August 17, 2009


The bright lights of the Golden Mile are back on the trendy map it would seem. Firstly it is the hometown of Little Boots whose kaleidoscopic-style video for the single Remedy
(coincidentally by our friend David Wilson) is reminiscent of the flashes and whirls of the funfair attractions on the Blackpool sea-front. As your Aunty will probably tell you, Strictly Come Dancing was filmed in the lavish Tower Ballroom and as soon as we mentioned that we were going to Blackpool everyone made us promise we'd pay it a visit. More like something you'd expect to find in a gold-plated Rococo Palace, rather than a tacky English seaside resort, it is pretty amazing to get close up and see it in it's full glory when not distracted by the fake tans, highly-sequinned dresses and colourful lights seen on television (as much as that is right up our street too). The old biddies, quietly dancing away on the massive parket floor to the sound of a wurlitzer was perfect entertainment for our high tea. The circus show, which we visited after, lasts two hours is split into two parts. The first hour being a trip down memory lane and the second half, a modern circus. The traditional first half wins hands down- we left just after the interval. We then went up to check out the Charlie Cairoli exhibition (which seems to be the part that other vistors miss out- FOOLS) Viktor and Rolf would be wetting themselves over the costumes on show. So desirable, we were wondering if anyone would notice the sound of the display cabinets smashing and us walking out dressed like glitzy clowns. No joke, we would rock clown costumes everyday if they looked anything like these!

So Blackpool is the kitsch capital of England. There is no denying it and anyone who knows us will know we are suckers for kitsch. If plans go ahead to turn the Golden Mile into a Las Vegas style strip, lined with massive casino hotels, I reckon Anna will booking the whole of Tiffany's Hotel out and giving Elvis a call to marry her at her shotgun wedding. (That's if Carmen Petulengro, the famous South Pier palmist's predictions come true...)

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