Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kettlewell and the Yorkshire Dales.

We were intrigued by Kettlewell's Scarecrow Festival after reading about it on the web. A typical English countryside tradition, we couldn't miss this one. Armed with macs and wellies, we parked up and walked a round route of the village photographing all the Scarecrows (we have just had to upgrade our Flickr account to upload them all for your viewing pleasure as it would be far too many to put on the blog). The whole village participates in the week-long festival and come up with some pretty dodgy, hilarious, mostly faceless creations. Some of our favourites are pictured below. Although rainy, it was a funny day out and even if the Festival isn't on, the village is stunning (and has a hotel); amazing gardens, a cute village shop and a river running right through the middle (many of the gardens backing on). Serious Postman Pat country odd-job village.

Being Sunday, we couldn't miss out on a Sunday roast with some (extremely serious) local Yorkshire puddings so we stopped in nearby Kilnsey to take a break. You can also partake in a bit of pony-trekking or rock-climbing (geeky team-building outing spotted!) here and there is a Sunday Farmers Market in Grassington full of local produce to delight.

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