Saturday, August 15, 2009

Skegness Carnival.

Known as one of the original holiday destinations, Skegness was infamous for the Butlins experience where many a generation would have holidayed. We decided to check out their Pet Show at the annual Skegness Carnival as we were passing through on the way to Whitby. Amusing as it was, Skegness is definitely staying in the passing-through category. We did manage to spot some fab ice-cream signage and got introduced to a hamster called snowy though so all was not lost! Worth a mention is the growing trend of companies such as ATP (All Tomorrow's Parties) who embrace the retro cool of Butlins etc and take over holiday parks throughout the UK to throw music festivals. Although it is not new to take over a holiday park for a weekend, many of the parties/festivals taking place these days are more a more arty/trendy affair than your average drum 'n' bass weekender.

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