Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Cotswolds

Our last stop was the Cotswolds. We finally managed to leave the Gower after being temporarily trapped by cows hanging out on the road in front of us. Heading straight down down the M4, we got to the Severn Bridge and low and behold there was a joke-like divide behind England and Wales; a clear line separating the grey cloud over Wales and the glorious blue skies in England. Laters Potatas to grey sky! (at least it hadn't rained in Wales for once though). We headed up the M5 and stopped off for a tip-top but very melty ice-cream at Winstones on Rodborough Common in Stroud. The common was full of people with exactly the same idea. Next onto Nailswrth to pick up some souvenirs and then and then through the tiny country lanes to Cowley Manor. We were going to stop in Cirencester before but decided to stop after for a salad supper instead. If you're going to do the Cotswolds, you might as well do it in style like the celebrities and do it in the sun too! A five-star luxury spa, Cowley Manor's C.Side Spa (and the hotel for that matter) is a more exciting contemporary take on your traditional Bath Spa retreat. The interior and furniture is all specially designed by young British designers. The only problem was that somehow I had misplaced my bikini and had to wear a quick-grab black and white spotty pound shop number. Don't worry I wore it with style - making pound shop cool, yet again.

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