Sunday, August 16, 2009


Whilst in the area, we decided to drive through Morecambe to visit the Winter Gardens and the Annual Sandcastle Festival, including the 'Super (hmmmm...) Sandcastle Competition'. We were expecting Manor houses and Cinderella Palaces (maybe we should have got there at 9am to register ourselves) instead, we got twenty very damp, very sandy kids with average castles. (ohh so mean!) Very little else to do, the Winter Gardens Building was a tiny enough reason to put this town on the (pass-through) map for us. Bowled over by the architecture and crumbling interior, it would be a shame to see this building disappear like so many others of its kind (the lavish Ballroom next door has already been knocked down). A committee is campaigning to save the building and see it restored which would be incredible. Let's hope they find the money they need. We also learnt that many Victorian seaside resorts have/had a Winter Gardens building, which makes us want to visit and photograph them all!

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